What is PhonePe and How you can add your bank account here. Find All your answers in One Place.


PhonePe can be described as one of these mobile platforms that is able to be utilized for the transfer of funds via UPI and pay utility bills, grocery bills recharge phones, pay DTH service, and many more.

The app runs with it’s Unified Payment Interface system and users must provide the details of their bank account and create an UPI ID. The app is available to either Apple and Android-based smartphones. Users do not need to recharge their wallet, because the money is debited directly from the bank account at the click of a button. It’s secure and securely.

Features of PhonePe

Single application for UPI PhonePe functions as an all-in-one-shop for UPI-related transactions. Users of PhonePe are able to have accounts with any bank and that account is able to be utilized through the application to connect different accounts with the user. This eliminates the requirement to install several applications.

Split a bill with PhonePe when you need to split a bill with your companions when you are out for dinner or a trip, movie or whatever and you are unsure of how to split the cost, PhonePe app will come to your aid. The the option to split a bill can help you easily and efficiently split the cost with your friends if you’re out as with a group.

Pay bills and recharge – PhonePe is a great way to pay utility, grocery bills and recharge mobile numbers and DTH. All you have to do is click on the “Recharge” tab, type in the amount, then select the bank account, and pay it with the click of a button.

Send money and transfer funds via QR code PhonePe allows you to transfer cash and send it via QR code. The user must take a picture of the QR code with the camera on a smartphone.

How to Download & Login PhonePe app in Mobile Phone?

Step 1: First download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Post downloading the app, open the app and verify your respective mobile number (ensure that this mobile number is registered and linked with your bank account).

Step 3: Now proceed further and enter all the required details including your name, email address after this set a secure 4 – digit password and now activate your e-wallet.

Step 4: Tap on creating a new Virtual Private Address (VPA) Step 5: Now select your bank account to link the same with the PhonePe app, the app will automatically fetch all the required details. Step 6: Confirm your bank details.

How to Add Bank Account

Step 1: First open the menu by tapping on the PhonePe app on the icon at the right top corner of the screen.

Step 2: Now go to the bank account section and tap on the ‘Add New Bank’ button.

Step 3: Select your respective bank which you prefer to link with the PhonePe app from the list of available banks.

Step 4: Proceeding further PhonePe will automatically fetch all your account details and your bank account will be linked to the e-wallet app.

Step 5: Next set your UPI PIN by selecting ‘set UPI PIN’ option.

Step 6: Now enter all your card details (enter the last six digits of your Debit card/ATM card number followed by the expiry date)

Step 7: Now enter OTP and set the UPI PIN.

Step 8: Your respective bank account details will be added successfully, after this you can directly transfer the amount using the UPI PIN.

How to Remove Bank Accounts from PhonePe E-Wallet

Step 1: First open PhonePe app in your mobile phone

Step 2: Go to the “Account Section”

Step 3: Now click on the bank accounts.

Step 4: You can see all your linked bank accounts. Now click on the account which you prefer to delete.

Step 5: A pop-up box will appear and click here to unlink

Step 6: That particular bank account will be removed from your PhonePe app.


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